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✿✿ Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.      ✿✿ I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. - Abraham Lincoln      ✿✿ It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. - Winston Churchill

雷竣詠 Rick Lei 助理教授

 基本資料 Information

國籍 Nationality 中華民國 R.O.C.
職稱 Title 助理教授
信箱 E-mail
分機 Ext. 7816
辦公室 Office 天機大樓 2樓 2204B
學歷 Education
經歷 Professional Experience
1. 中臺科技大學應用外語系副主任
3. 國立臺中科技大學應用外語系兼任助理教授
4. 國立空中大學兼任助理教授
5. 中臺科技大學應用外語系講師
6. 中央大學英美語文學系助教
研究領域 Research Interests 閱讀及作文理論、第二語言教學、言談分析
學術論文 Publications
Lei, J. I. (2018) What Language Learning Strategies L2 English Learners Use at a     U.S. University Library: An Observational Study. Accents Asia, 10(2), 1-19.
Lei, J. I. (2018) Dusting Tommy’s and Grace’s Portfolios: A Document Analysis of L2 English Learners’ Language Learning Strategies. Beyond Words, 6(2), 114-141.
Lei, J. I. (2016). A Study on Taiwanese College Students’ Use of Global Reading Strategies in Different Discourse Types. Chang Gung Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9(2), 307-337. 
Lei, J. I. (2016). “A Pilot Study on the Effects of Culture Schemata on Taiwanese L2 English Readers’ Use of Reading Strategies ." Presented at 2016 Chungtai Humanities Symposium at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, J. I. (2015). An Autoethnography of a L2 English Learner in Taiwan: Where is the End of the Tunnel? English Teaching and Learning, 39(3), 61-78.(THCI Core)
Lei, J. I. (2015). “Product, Process, and Post-Process: Whether the Writing Process Paradigm Shift Brings us to the Post-Process Era ?" Presented at the 10th Annual Conference on Applied English .with the theme,"Innovations in Language Teaching and Business Communication."
Lei, J.I. (2014). Revisit Direction-Giving: Is It such a Good Idea to Use Natural Conversation as the Model for Textbook Dialogue?. Chung Chou Journal of Management and Humanity Science, 2(2), 18-36.
Lei, J. I. (2013). “An Observation Report of L2 English Learners’ Strategy Use ." Presented at 2013 English Teaching Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, J.I. (2012). A Semiotic Analysis of the UNESCO, World Bank and IMF's Language Literacy Ideology: Engaging the Third World Countries in a Deadly Liaison. Journal of Nan Kai, 9(2), 41-48. 
Lei, J.I., Lo, M. & Li, Y. (2012). Paradigm Shift: A Preliminary Understanding of Changes in the English as a Second Language Teaching Method." Presented at 2012 ESP Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2011). Gender Differences in Reading Strategy Use among Taiwanese Technical College Students." Presented at 2011 English Teaching Conference at Hsiuping Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2011). Linking Theory to Practice: Vygotsky's Socio-Cultural Theories, Second Language Acquisition and Electronic Mail. Paper Presented at 2011 ESP Conference at Central Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology.
Lei, Jiun-Iung (2010). A Study of the Effects of Gender on Taiwanese EFL Learners' Reading Strategies." Presented at 2010 DAFL Teacher Research Colloquium.
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2009). ''An Investigation of the Effects of Discourse Types on Taiwanese College Students'Reading Strategy Use.'' Presented at IUP GSA/EGO 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference with the theme, ''Transitions and Crossovers.'' Friday, June 26, 2009 Hadley Union Building [HUB] Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA 15705-1094
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2008). A Study of Taiwanese ESL Readers' Use of the Comprehension Strategies: How Different Reading Tasks Affect the Way Readers Use their Reading Strategies. Presented at IUP GSA/EGO 6th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference titled "Crossing Borders and Pushing Boundaries in the University and Beyond", Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Lei, Jiun-Iung. (2007). "Direction Giving: Do Non-Native Directions Seekers Receive Special Treatment Because of their Non-Native Identity?" Presented at Three Rivers TESOL Annual Fall Conference, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 
專書 Books
Lei, J. I. (2009). An investigation of the effects of discourse types on 
Taiwanese college students’ reading strategy use (Unpublished
doctoral dissertation). Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Indiana, PA.
榮譽/獲獎 Honors and Awards


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