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廖龍泉Lawrence 副教授

基本資料 Information

國籍 Nationality 中華民國 R.O.C.
職稱 Title 副教授
信箱 E-mail
分機 Ext. 7830
辦公室 Office 天機大樓 2樓 2206A
學歷 Education Ed. D. - University of Montana, U.S.A.
M.A. in TESL - Emporia State University, U.S.A.
經歷 Professional Experience
1. 台中市僑泰中學教師
2. 中臺科技大學應用外語系系主任兼語言中心主任
研究領域 Research Interests TESL, Grammar, Medical Terminology; Educational Leadership
學術論文 Publications
1.黃麗玲, 黃建財, 林川雄, 廖龍泉. 生物氣膠曓露與健康影響, Aug. 2004.
2.Chuan-Hsiung Lin, Chien-Tsai Huang, Lung-Chuan Liao, Wan-Lin Wang, Te-Feng Yeh, Yu-Sia Wu, Zhi-Ting Tang. Exploring the Organizational commitment, career commitment, job satisfaction, and turn-over trend of nursing staff—a case study on the military hospital in central Taiwan, Aug, 2007.
3.Characterization of ZrO2 coated Ni-Cr dental casting alloy, Nov. 2007
4.王珊, 洪佳豐, 吳世經, 趙弘, 何文福, 廖龍泉, 許世光. Analyzing Biocompatibility of Porous Bioglass with Osteoblast-like MG-63 Cells, May, 2007 
5.林正偉, 許學全, 吳世經, 何文福, 林富滄, 曾文佑, 廖龍泉. 牙科用Ti-20Cr-X 合金在含氟人工唾液之耐蝕性研究Nov. 2007.
6.Hui-Chi Wu, Lawrence Liao, Po-Chou Chan, Chuan-Hsiung Lin, Yi-Su Chiang, Yung-Fu Chen. A Web-based Virtual Stock Exchange System for Promoting Learning Efficacy of Financial Management, March 30 April1, 2012
7.Yi-Ching Huang, Lung-chuan Liao. A college leader’ s transformational leadership, May 2011
8.Shih-Pei Chang, Su-Chen Huang, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Richard Wright, Lung-chuan Liao. The Relationship between sleep quality and exercise participation behavior of college students in the central Taiwan region, July 2013
9.Liao LC, Li SM, Kung JY, Lin HC, Chang CJ. The Evaluation of Low-intensity Ultrasound on Dental Implant Osseointegration, Nov.21-24, 2007
專書 Books English for Dental Technology