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The Department of Applied Foreign Languages is committed to the knowledge integration that acrosses core language and workplace-oriented curriculum planning which enable students to strengthen the competitiveness and employment. The Department contributes significantly to facilitate an understanding of English and Japanese learning, enhance awareness of science, technology and human care, and foster in our students, the knowledge, skills and versatility needed to succeed professionally in business, medical tourism and leisure/recreation industries.


Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages are goals for its graduates to achieve a few years after graduation in their professional fields. The Department of Applied Foreign Languages pursues the following objectives:

  • To cultivate students who achieve high level of foreign language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

  • To cultivate students who acquire the professional knowledge and skills of business management

  • To cultivate students who gain the professional knowledge for medical tourism industry and leisure/recreation industry

  • To cultivate students who develop a global perspective and multicultural literacy


Student Outcomes/Core Competencies

To assure that the aforementioned objectives are reached, the department has proposed the following core competencies of the B.A. program. Each student graduating from this program is expected to:

  • Be able to use foreign languages fluently and accurately

  • Recognize the need and have the ability to engage in life-long learning

  • Plan and execute a professional project

  • Possess effective communication skills